Adox MCC 110 24 x 30cm Fibra Brillante (Sobre * 5 Hojas)


Premium fibre based photopaper for a neutral to warm black image tone


The emulsions for this paper are being produced on the original Agfa machinery, which ADOX purchased together with former Agfa engineers from the liquidator of AgfaPhoto in Leverkusen.
They are identical in all measurable parameters with the papers formerly sold by Agfa under the “Agfa Multicontrast Classic” name.
This paper is among the technologically most advanced papers in the world. With its four separately made emulsions which are coated together, it yields a constant step up in gradation over the entire range.
The paper is made from selected raw ingredients which are all carefully tested for their photographic properties prior to emulsification. Before every coating run several test runs are made on on smaller machines in order to guarantee highest possible batch to batch consistency.


This paper achieves a great tonal range and crisp blacks. In order to increase the paper´s brilliance, it is coated on a bright white base (unlike its predecessor which were coated on a tinted base).

The paper dries easily and tones nicely.


Magnum Photographer Gilles Peress about ADOX MCC



Fibre based photopaper with variable contrast and high paper speed
Range of achievable gradations: 0 to 5
Tonality: Neutral black to warm black.
DMAX: > 2.2
250g Double weight paper base, bright white
Available surfaces: glossy and semi-matte

Safelight: red, orange. For more info see technical datasheet


Información adicional

Peso ,5 kg
Dimensiones 30 × 40 × 1 cm


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