Lomo’Instant WIDE kit de accesorios


Lente ultra angular: Captura todo y aún más con el accesorio de la lente ultra gran angular de 21mm. Utilizalo para amplios paisajes y selfies con todos tus amigos en el mismo cuadro.

Lente de primer plano: Obtenga enfoque de hasta 0,1 m! Es perfecta para capturar todo, desde autorretratos a las ocasiones de cerca y más personales.

Splitzer: Gire las cuchillas para cortar y dividir. Componga su imágen con varias tomas diferentes!



The Lomo’Instant Wide is a really fun and creative camera on its own, but why stop there? Pair it with a lens to change your perspective or shoot unique, sliced-and-diced images with the Splitzer. Get the necessary tools all in one pack with the Lomo’Instant Wide Accessory Kit, which guarantees an endless range of options so that you can shoot truly fascinating, one-of-a-kind images in just one wide instant sweep.

Package includes

Ultra Wide-Angle Lens: Capture everything and even more with the 21mm equivalent Ultra Wide-Angle Lens attachment. Use it for wide-and-bright landscapes or instant selfie-fun with all your friends united in one frame.

Close-Up Lens: When you just can’t get close enough, simply slip on the Close-Up Lens and focus up to 0.1m! It’s perfect for capturing everything from self-portraits to up-close-and-personal occasions.

Splitzer: Twist the blades for slicing and dicing your image.

Extra viewfinder

Información Adicional

SKU (Número de Referencia) z200li
Brand Lomography
Familia de Cámaras LomoInstant Wide
Color Black
Material Plástico


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