Lomography ColorSplash Chakra Edition


The Lomo Colorsplash is the next step for the Lomo enthusiasts, and takes the Lomo concept a step further. While the camera still features a standard wide-angle lens, any picture can be “colorsplashed” with the integrated flash Color Wheel and you can choose from a selection of colored flash lights to manipulate your images.

You now have the option of changing the real colors with the Colorsplash, manipulating the expressive power of your final image, emphasising or inverting, or even destroying the image. The elements of exposure time, flash color, subject color, exterior light, and your creativity come together to yield an endless number of potential techniques and outcomes.

Intergrated color wheel is built into the flash, and can be rotated for different color effects
Two of the internal filters within the color wheel can be exchanged with the nine extra filters in the package
Lightweight plastic body



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