Lomography CN F²/400 120


Precio por (1) rollo

Formato: 120
Sensibilidad (ASA): 400
Tipo: Negativo Color
Revelado: Automático C41

Lomographers, have we got a surprise for you. In 2010, we bought an exclusive jumbo roll of film and tucked it away to age like a fine wine. When we reopened it, we knew we’d made the right choice: X-Pro feel, gorgeous Tungsten overtones… good things come to those who wait. Our Color Negative F²/400 35 mm sold out in hours, and it looked like the end of the road for our gorgeous new emulsion. Now, though, we need to make a little confession — the film still exists, and it’s waiting for you in 120 format! Meet our latest rescued film rarity: Color Negative F²/400 120 Film.


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